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Mihai Mincan – To the North #Venezia79

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How can you choose between your faith in God, and the moral values you’ve grown up with?

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PODCAST | Laura Della Corte interviews Mihai Mincan, director of the film To the North.

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In the interview with Mihai Mincan, director of To the North, in the section Orizzonti, we talked about the choiche to help or not a stowaway on board, with relate moral and religious issues.

To the North: Based on a true story. 1996, open sea. During his shift on a transatlantic ship’s deck, Joel, a religious Filipino sailor, discovers Dumitru, a Romanian stowaway hidden between some containers. If he is spotted by the Taiwanese officers running the vessel, Dumitru risks being thrown overboard. Joel decides to hide him, as a sign of his gratitude towards God. Soon, a dangerous cat and mouse game begins. When his crew, his own friends, even God itself start to turn their backs on him, Joel learns that he has to face his cruel destiny alone.

  • Reporter
    Laura Della Corte
  • Guest
    Mihai Mincan
  • Interviewee role
  • Film title
    To the North
  • Festival section
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