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Mikhail Red, Arnold Reyes – Birdshot #NYAFF17

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One of the most eloquent voices in Asian cinema today

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PODCAST | Samantha Sartori interviews Mikhail Red and Arnold Reyes, director and actor of the film Birdshot.

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We meet Mikhail Red, a new talent from the Philippines. The 24 year-old director talks about his second feature film, Birdshot, already awarded the “Asian Future Best Film Award” at Tokyo International Film Festival 2016. Red was also recognized as best New Director at Vancouver Film Fest for his first feature film, Rekorder. The star of the movie, Arnold Reyes, joined our conversation and discussed his experience on the set of one of the strongest movies of this year’s festival.

Birdshot: in this intense, slow-burning thriller, farm girl Maya inadvertently commits a crime while practicing her rifle skills out in the wild. As the local police start investigating this incident they make a shocking discovery that leads to a different, truly disturbing case. Young altruistic policeman Diego pursues this mystery but is hindered by his world-weary and corrupt senior officers. Featuring a tour de force performance by newcomer Mary Joy Apostol as Maya, Birdshot folds biting social commentary into a cleverly nuanced screenplay. Buoyed by dynamic visual storytelling rich in metaphor, this deliberately paced parable about modern day Filipino society sinks its claws into you, proving director Mikhail Red one of the most eloquent voices in Asian cinema today.

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  • Reporter
    Samantha Sartori
  • Guest
    Mikhail Red and Arnold Reyes
  • Interviewee role
    director and actor
  • Film title
  • Festival section
    Competition (opens in the Philippines August 2017)
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