Nathan Silver – Stinking Heaven #IFFR

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Nathan Silver’s portrait of a group of people on the verge of a synchronized nervous breakdown.

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8 min. and 22 sec.

Nathan Silver – Filmmaker – Stinking Heaven

FRED’s Matt Micucci meets once again with Nathan Silver, one of the leading and most distinctive voices in current American independent cinema, who presented his latest film “Stinking Heaven” in the Spectrum section of the 44th International Film Festival Rotterdam. Nathan tells us about his use of improvisation, a defining element in his filmmaking, and about his fascinatingly interesting choice of using a professtional video camera from the early nineties – which is also where this film his set. He also tells us about his identity as a prolific filmmaker and whether or not he is fascinated by the thematic concept of utopia.

Plot: “Stinking Heaven” deals with the fragile harmony of a sober commune, that is cruelly disrupted by the arrival of Ann. The paranoia and drug relapse she causes result in destructive chaos. With admirably controlled improvisations, Silver creates an idiosyncratic film that leaves a deep impression.


  • Reporter
    Matt Micucci
  • Guest
    Nathan Silver
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  • Film title
    Stinking heaven
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