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Nicholas Triandafyllidis, Director and screenwriter, The Sentimentalists.

Festival Section: Autumn.

FRED’s Matt Micucci meets Greek filmmaker Nicholas Triandafyllidis, who returns to Raindance with his latest work THE SENTIMENTALISTS, presented in the Autumn section of this year’s 22nd edition of the festival. We talk with him about his wanting to make a modern Greek tragedy, and his careful attention to the editing, rhythm and soundtrack in the film. We also ask him about the struggles of producing a film in Greece in these times of economic struggles and discuss the importance of a cooperative attitude in the film industry.

THE SENTIMENTALISTS is a story about two hitmen falling in love with two forbidden women – one is a prostitute, the other one is the boss’ daughter. This film is not your typical gangster film, but a romance set against the backdrop of a violent world where all the love that is born is born to die. A sweet and soft handed touch recalls classic film noirs, the narrative is Shakespearean and the whole film is enriched by visual reflections on art and culture.

Reporter: Matt Micucci.

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