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Nicky Lapierre – Astro #LFF38

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An epic work that took seven years and tells through perceptions and visual elements the yearning for love and what happens to us when a story ends.

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14 min. and 1 sec.

PODCAST | Federica Scarpa interviews Nicky Lapierre, director of the film Astro.

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It’s difficult to explain the wave of emotions that overwhelms you watching Astro. This intense and poignant film tells a love story (or what happens when it ends) through “visual patterns”, as the director Nicky Lapierre told us. The film tells his story but is also fictional. Is that a possible thing? The director is convinced so and explains how.

Astro: It’s been 7 years since non-binary director Nicky L. Lapierre told the troubled love story between Baby and Charlie. This story is the perfect starting point for a broader conversation on the creation of your own identity. It’s an experimental and non-conventional documentary, which combines fictional elements, real life images, personal experiences and unfiltered thoughts. The result is Astro: a queer and nostalgic road trip which doesn’t follow the traditional LGBTQI+ narratives, just like the lives of its two main characters

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    Federica Scarpa
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    Nicky Lapierre
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    All the Lovers Competition
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