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Nino Martinez Sosa – Liborio #IFFR2021

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21 min. and 39 sec.

The life and times of Papa Liborio.

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21 min. and 39 sec.

PODCAST | Matt Micucci interviews Nino Martinez Sosa, director of the film Liborio.

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An interview with Nino Martinez Sosa, director of Liborio, a film based on the Dominican leader Papa Liborio, which was presented at the 2021 International Film Festival Rotterdam. The film is split up into seven different chapters, seen from the perspective of seven different characters. In this interview, Martinez Sosa talks about the stylistic choices of the film, his interest in exploring the life of Papa Liborio and reviving his fading memory and more.

Liborio: Starting with a poor farmer, this story ends in revolt. Olivorio (‘Liborio’) Mateo disappears without trace during a hurricane in the year 1908 in the south of the Dominican Republic. His family and fellow villagers think he is dead, but he suddenly reappears, returned from heaven on a mission. From then on, his prophecies and healing powers expand his group of followers, and he retreats with them into the mountains to start a commune in freedom.

  • Reporter
    Matt Micucci
  • Guest
    Nino Martinez Sosa
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  • Film title
  • Festival section
    Tiger Competition
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