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Ola Jankowska – Anatomia #Giornate2021

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PODCAST | Ilaria Gomarasca interviews Ola Jankowska, director of the film Anatomia.

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“To me Anatomy is above all a meditation on the ambiguous space between things and people being and not being. It’s a story of potential alternative lives, ghosts and phantom feelings that don’t know how to be born and yet overwhelm – of love, loss, uncertainty.” Ola Jankowska on her first feature film Anatomia screened at Venice Giornate degli Autori 2021.

Anatomia: Mika arrives in Poland to pay a hospital visit to her father, who is suffering from severe brain injury and memory loss. It’s the first time they have met in many years, yet her father thinks they still live together and she’s a teenager. For a brief time Mika becomes her father’s companion in perplexity – gently guiding him through the labyrinth of his fading mind. And as she does so, she sets off on a journey through her own life. By merging digital, 35 mm, VHS, infrared and archival footage, the sense of time and space start breaking up: the present blends with the long gone past and places reveal their far-off history and memories. In the meantime, the father’s condition worsens. And thus life and its end also begin to blur.

  • Reporter
    Ilaria Gomarasca
  • Guest
    Ola Jankowska
  • Interviewee role
  • Film title
  • Festival section
    Giornate degli autori
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