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Oliver Hermanus – The Endless River #Venezia72

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The French man and a South African woman endure side by side the unfathomable loss of their families

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7 min. and 19 sec.

Oliver Hermanus – director – The Endless River

South-African director Oliver Hermanus talks about the challenge he took on in his third film, his choice of actors and their work together. THE ENDLESS RIVER, which received mixed reviews on the Lido but certainly left no one indifferent, deals not only with bereavement and infinite solitude, but also with the possibility (or not) of transcending anger and pain after losing everything, and the climate of violence in South-Africa.

THE ENDLESS RIVER: In a small city not far from Cape Town, amongt the vineyards, Gilles (embodied with a beautifully mind-driven physicality by French actor Nicolas Duvauchelle), a foreigner who has settled here with his family, has to cope with the atrocious murder of his wife and children and the resigned uselessness of the local justice system.

When his main suspect is run over and dies not far from his farm, Gilles’ path and his solitude cross those of the local criminal’s quietly brave widow, Tiny (Crystal-Donna Roberts), they tacitly decide to leave all blame on the side and endure together the most unspeakable pain. Their striking tragedies and intense journey side by side were very handsomely shot by DoP Chris Lotz.

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    Oliver Hermanus
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    The endless river
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