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Olivier Peyon – Lie with me #LFF38

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9 min. and 42 sec.

The adaptation of thePhilippe Besson’s book is a moving story about memory, like a puzzle to complete.

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9 min. and 42 sec.

PODCAST | Federica Scarpa interviews Olivier Peyon, director of the film Lie with me.

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Olivier Peyon takes Philippe Besson’s novel Lie with Me, which tells of a famous novelist who returns to his home country where he relives the memory of his first great love, and how transformed it into a moving tale about memory and remembrance that we leave of us. The director tells us how he balanced the aspects of the two stories, one set in the 80s and one in the present, and how he worked with the incredible pairs of actors: on one side, the young Guilaine Londez and Jérémy Gillet, and on the other Guillaume de Tonquedec and Victor Belmondo.

Lie with Me: Upon agreeing to be the brand ambassador for a famous cognac celebrating their bicentennial, novelist Stéphane Belcourt returns to his hometown for the first time in many years. Once there, he meets his first love’s son, Lucas. Memories come rushing back to him: irrepressible attraction, bodies becoming one in the heat of desire, a passion that can never be revealed… His first love’s name was Thomas. They were 17.

  • Reporter
    Federica Scarpa
  • Guest
    Olivier Peyon
  • Interviewee role
  • Film title
    Lie with me
  • Festival section
    All the Lovers Competition
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