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Oren Gerner – Africa #VilniusFilmFestival

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Finding reasons to go on as the years go by.

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PODCAST | Matt Micucci interviews Oren Gerner, director of the film Africa.

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A conversation with Oren Gerner, director of Africa, from the Discoveries section of the 2021 Vilnius Film Festival. This is his feature directorial debut and is a case of blurring fantasy and fiction, as he cast his own father in the lead role of a movie where the protagonist finds himself having to come to terms with aging. In this interview, Gerner talks about his interest in the theme and the experience of working with his own father. He also shares his views on the communication struggles between generations, the distinctive perspective of his movie and more.

Africa: When 68-year-old Meir discovers that after 40 years, inexperienced local teens are set to replace him as organizers of the annual village celebration, the ground beneath his feet begins to shift. In his effort to restore a sense of meaning and vitality, Meir begins to rebel against the inevitable: the betrayal of his physical body, the growing distance from his children, and the loss of relevance. Using elements of real life to construct fiction, the loving director creates a witty, warm and remarkably sincere portrait of a parent.

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    Matt Micucci
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    Oren Gerner
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