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Pablo Larraín – FRED Award #TFF35

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At the Torino Film Festival as President of the Jury, the Chilean director receives the FRED Award.

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PODCAST| Chiara Nicoletti interviews Pablo Larraín, director and President of the Jury at the 35th Torino Film Festival.

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Pablo Larraín is back in Turin as President of the Jury of the 35th Torino Film Festival where he won the official competition in 2008 with Tony Manero. The chilean director joins FRED’s Chiara Nicoletti again after the 2016 Mostra del cinema di Venezia where he presented Jackie to talk about his jury duties, his approach to the films he has to evaluate. What is Pablo Larraín looking for in a film? The director welcomes us into his world once again and describes his feelings about having so many young filmmakers looking up to him and the cinematic world of poetry and politics he created.

The FRED Film Radio Award was given to Pablo Larraín, the Oscar-nominated Director, at the Torino Film Festival on 27th November, where he will be leading the Jury, as President, for the 35th edition of the Festival. “Larraín is a Producer and a Filmaker who manages to combine commitment and formal elegance, denunciation and experimentation with works that are at the same time classic and yet original and that challenge any attempt at categorisation”, explains Federico Spoletti, the founder of FRED Film Radio. He went on to explain, “The Chilean director’s films, even with their variety of themes and languages, depict a very personal yet organic poetic landscape”. Larraín’s art, “breaks with tradition and aims to expose social conventions and all forms of hypocrisy, be it collective or individual”. FRED Film Radio explains its choice in presenting Larraín with this Award, “because in his work, Larraín is particularly determined to unveil the mechanisms of communication and manipulation used by those who wield great power”. The FRED Award was created specifically to acknowledge an individual, in the world of cinema, who strives to promote and support not only independent cinema, but also intercultural exchange.

  • Reporter
    Chiara Nicoletti
  • Guest
    Pablo Larraín
  • Interviewee role
    Director, President of the Jury
  • Festival section
    FRED Award
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