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Paddy Hayes – Name Your Poison #CFF60

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The story of Michael Molloy, the man who wouldn’t die

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11 min. and 9 sec.

Paddy Hayes – director – Name Your Poison

FRED’s Matt Micucci interviews Paddy Hayes, director of the documentary NAME YOUR POISON that screened at the 60th Cork Film Festival.

The bizarre story of Michael Molloy, the man who wouldn’t die or, if you like, the Rasputin of the Bronx, an Irish immigrant and alcoholic during the Great Depression. An incredible story, executed in a very entertaining way by Hayes, whose film is fun but at the same time serves as an exploration of the cultural background of those times, as well as the theme of immigration and alcoholism, while treasuring the novelty appeal of its “folklore” identity.

Hayes tells us about his use of recreation and contributions from experts, and the reason behind his choice of making this a bi-lingual documentary in both English and Irish.

NAME YOUR POISON (Deoch an Dorais): Domhillte, Dochloíte, Dochreidte…

The kind of tale handed down through families for generations, Name Your Poison brings to life the legend of Mike Malloy, the man who wouldn’t die. The unwitting subject of life insurance fraud at the hands of prohibition-era gangster Tony Marino, Malloy dodges poison, car accidents and exposure to extreme conditions.

Combining accounts from experts with beautifully recreated scenes of 1930s Bronx, this Irish language documentary immortalizes Malloy’s astonishing story with aplomb and energy, while providing a fresh approach to often explored questions regarding the Irish abroad.

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    Matt Micucci
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    Paddy Hayes
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    Name Your Poison
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