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Paul Hamy – Parisienne #MedFilm

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PARISIENNE is an ode to FRANCE, a song of love ..Voilà

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Paul Hamy – actor – Parisienne

Among the protagonists of PARISIENNE ( Peur De Rien in France) by Danielle Arbid, Paul Hamy lands in Rome for the film’s participation in the 21st MedFilm Festival competition.

The french actor who was nominated for a César as Best Promise for the film Suzanne, was discovered by Danielle Arbid and many french directors close to the independent scene thanks to that film and he has been working a lot ever since. Hamy shot his scenes in the film during only 5 days which were very intense as he had to create the chemistry and connection with the protagonist Manal Issa, at her first experience in a film.

Paul Hamy considers the film an ODE to FRANCE, a lovesong. With many films in post-production and coming out in the next months, Paul Hamy is really a France’shooting star,he is always basing his career choices on sharing the same creative vision with the directors he works with and this might be the secret. He will soon be on FRED again, we can certainly bet on it.

PARISIENNE: Set in 1990s Paris, the new film from French-Lebanese director Danielle Arbid is a coming-of-age story about a young woman from Beirut whose relationships and encounters reveal different facets of her new country.

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