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Pavle Vučković, director of “Panama” #TIFF2016

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Social media, pornography and other things influencing a world where love is a sign of weakness.

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PODCAST | Matt Micucci interviews Pavle Vučković, director of the film Panama from the 2016 Transilvania International Film Festival.

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Two college guys wanna have sex, and lots of it, to the point where they race each other in their sexual pursuits as a type of sporting competition. But it’s all a facade, because one of them, is falling in love. His denial of this very obvious fact is what makes up the bulk of the tension in Panama, the debut feature by Pavle Vuckovic. He argues in the film that this is the result of narcissism, which is a result influences of such things as pornography and social media.

Speaking of pornography, the film’s sexual creativeness lends significant meaning to the portrayal of the central couple, and the director shares his views on why that is. Panama is the first feature film by Vuckovic, and so we get an insight on his influences on this film (Hitchcock’s Vertigo for one) and the way in which, to paraphrase him, he changed perception of the film he was making it while making it.

PANAMA: Jovan starts dating Maja casually, no strings attached. But her mysterious behavior begins to disturb him. Jovan starts to follow videos and clues over social networks that hint at Maja’s parallel life. In a web of lies, jealousy and passionate sex, Jovan loses himself, desperately trying to understand who Maja really is.

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    Pavle Vučković
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