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Pawel Pawlikowski – Ida #venicedays

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Pawel Pawlikowski – Filmmaker – Ida

FRED’s Matt Micucci meets Polish filmmaker Pawel Pawlikowski, who returns to his native land for his latest work IDA, winner of the 2014 LUX Prize. He talks with us about the meaning of his return to his homeland, and comments on the particular choice of cultural setting for this film. He also discusses the distinctive and ground breaking cinematography, which in itself makes the experience of viewing the film all the more intense and meditative.

Set in 1961, during the Stalinist dictatorship, the movie pushes still further into the past; almost every element in the story evokes the war years and their aftermath. The story gravitates around the meeting between a young woman, who is to become a nun, who meets the only family she has left – a minor state judge and Communist Party member ridden by guilt.

Reporter:Matt Micucci


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    Matt Micucci
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    Pawel Pawlikowski
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