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Petr Lom, Mae Yway – Burma Storybook #IFFR2017

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Burma: a land of poetry.

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PODCAST | Matt Micucci interviews director Petr Lom and poet Mae Yway on BURMA STORYBOOK from the 47th International Film Festival Rotterdam.

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Burma is a land of poetry. BURMA STORYBOOK, is a film that tries to collect these stories. But also, a documentary on Burmese storytelling and poetry is a powerful thing because of the political importance that poetry played, and continues to play in Burma. It is testified, in the film, by the physical presence of Myanmar activist and poet Maung Aung Pwint, whom we discuss in this interview as well. It is also talked about, in this interview, by the poet Mae Yway, who also collaborated on the film. The film also complements the poetry visually, through a stunning work of photography. In our chat, Lom mentions the word “grace,” and that is a word that can easily be used to describe BURMA STORYBOOK as a whole. We talk about the technical aspect of the film, what personally drew the director to Burma, and much more.

BURMA STORYBOOK: Poet and activist from Myanmar Maung Aung Pwint has spent large swathes of his life in prison. Now the country is free after 50 years of military dictatorship, he reminisces and struggles with painful memories. A poetic, loving documentary about a country reinventing itself.


  • Reporter
    Matt Micucci
  • Guest
    Petr Lom / Mae Yway
  • Interviewee role
    director / poet
  • Film title
    Burma Storybook
  • Festival section
    Voices: Limelight
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