Ryūsuke Hamaguchi – Wheel Of Fortune And Fantasy #Berlinale2021

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17 min. and 6 sec.

Grand-Jury-Prize winner Ryūsuke Hamaguchi talking about his 2021 work “Wheel Of Fortune And Fantasy”

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17 min. and 6 sec.

PODCAST | Niklas Pollmann interviews Ryūsuke Hamaguchi, director of the film Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy.

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Niklas is talking with Ryūsuke Hamaguchi about his first film in Berlinale Main Competition, focussing on filming under the conditions of COVID-19, Japanese cinema and the borders between commercial and Indie cinema as well as his cinematic philosophy between formalism and spontaneity, Hong Sang-Soo and Cassavetes and making a cinema about narration itself.

Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy: A compilation of three short stories about love, solitude and the value of fiction. The first episode a love triangle with two actress friends and a rich businessman. The second is about a woman that tries to trick an erotic novelist into a honey-trap. The third is about a reencounter of two middle-aged women and its homo-erotical implications.

  • Reporter
    Niklas Pollmann
  • Guest
    Ryūsuke Hamaguchi
  • Interviewee role
  • Film title
    Wheel Of Fortune And Fantasy
  • Festival section
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