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Sabu – Chasuke’s Journey #Berlinale

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What happens when an angel comes down to earth to sort out an error made in heaven?

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Sabu – director – Chasuke’s Journey

FRED’s Angelo Acerbi meets Sabu, the director of “Chasuke’s Journey” which was presented at the 65th Berlin International Film Festival.

Sabu is a very prolific director who uses comedy and irony to describe and criticize contemporary life. He tells us about his formation on western movies and how we can always find a comical aspect in life when we look closer. And why he calls himself Sabu.

Plot: Things are hectic in heaven. Dozens of scribes sit before a long scroll incessantly scribbling away. They are composing the biographies of earth-dwellers. What is invented by the men in heaven is lived out below. And their employer, God, is increasingly vehement in demanding avant-garde ideas. Take, for example, the beautiful Yuri, a girl who dies in a car crash. Some of the heavenly scribes find this very dull and send former gangster Chas, who has become a heavenly tea-boy, back down to earth with instructions to save Yuri no matter what. And so Chas ends up in Okinawa, gets to know the earth-dwellers, interferes in their fates, becomes celebrated as ‘Mr Angel’ and is hounded by brutal enemies. His falling in love with Yuri is of course a foregone conclusion. But no one could anticipate what happens next. Not even God himself.

Oscillating between philosophy and buffoonery, Sabu‘s film plays with famous motifs from film history, uniting melodrama, the gangster movie, romance and slapstick. His underlying idea, that every life has a value of its own, is special and in no way predictable and is presented with great pace and flamboyance.

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    Angelo Acerbi
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    Chasuke's Journey (Ten no chasuke)
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