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Saeed Roustaee – Leila’s Brothers #Cannes2022

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The portrait of a woman nad her family of men in contemporary Iran.

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PODCAST | Angelo Acerbi interviews Saeed Roustaee, director of the film Leila’s Brothers.

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Saeed Roustaee comes to Cannes with his immense film Leila’s Brothers, in Competition. We talked about modernity vs traditions in Iran, the role of a woman and the family dynamics that are very similar all over the planet. Saeed is a lover of Italian cinema and he talks about his film references, as well.

Leila’s Brothers: At 40 years old, Leila has spent her whole life taking care of her parents and her four brothers. The family argues constantly and is crushed by debts, in a country caught in the grip of international economic sanctions. As her brothers are trying to make ends meet, Leila formulates a plan: to start a family business that would save them for poverty. While they are in desperate need of financial support, Leila finds out that their father Esmail has secretly been hiding a family heirloom. He had been saving it as an offering to become the new Patriarch of the clan, the highest honour in the Persian tradition. This uncovering will bring chaos to the already fragile family dynamics. As the father’s health deteriorates, the actions of each family member will gradually lead the family one step closer to implosion.

  • Reporter
    Angelo Acerbi
  • Guest
    Saeed Roustaee
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    Leila's Brothers
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