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Sakaris Storà – Dreams By The Sea #RomaFF12

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Life is a constant coming of age and summer doesn’t last long when reality kicks in.

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6 min. and 28 sec.

PODCAST| Chiara Nicoletti interviews Sakaris Storàdirector of the film Dreams By The Sea.

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FRED’s Chiara Nicoletti interviews Sakaris Storà, director of Dreams By The Sea, film in competition at Alice nella Città 2017. The film is set in the Faroe Islands where the director was born and it is a coming of age depicting the friendship between two girls, Ragna and Ester, both facing the demons of growing up in a very different way. According to Storà, there are many coming of age moments in life and it doesn’t only happen when reality, in adolescence, starts to kick in and changes our dreams and destiny. The director explains how he decided to experience this difficult moment in everybody’s life by looking at the feminine side of the story as it was more challenging, interesting and nuanced.

Dreams By The Sea: Ester lives with her religious parents on an isolated island. When new girl Ragna moves to the island, Ester gets to experience a summer of fun, young love and big dreams. But summer doesn’t last long on the Faroe Islands, and soon reality catches up with the girls.

  • Reporter
    Chiara Nicoletti
  • Guest
    Sakaris Storà
  • Interviewee role
  • Film title
    Dreams By The Sea
  • Festival section
    Competition - Alice nella Città
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