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Saskia Reeves, Mia Thrippleton – Shadows

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Mia Threapleton on her first protagonist role in Carlo Lavagna’s Shadows.

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9 min. and 6 sec.

PODCAST | Chiara Nicoletti interviews Saskia Reeves and Mia Thrippleton, actresses of the film Shadows.

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After being presented in the official competition of the 18th edition of Alice nella Città, in Rome, Shadows by Carlo Lavagna is available to watch on demand in Italy from November 19th. We virtually meet Carlo again with his protagonists Mia Threapleton and Saskia Reeves, playing respectively a daughter and a mother in the film. As Shadows is her first protagonist role after her debut in 2014, Mia Threapleton, who’s Kate Winslet’s daughter, talks about shaping her character Alma and reveals the suggestion her mother gave her to better approach the role. Both Mia and Saskia then comments on whether the world is going to be a better place after this constant waiting we’re experiencing that is so similar to what the two characters are living in the film.

On demand November 19th.

Shadows: Alma and Alex, two adolescent sisters, are survivors of a catastrophic event. They live deep in the woods with their Mother, a strict, over-protective woman who has sheltered them from ominous presences, the Shadows, which live in the daylight and infest the world beyond the river, a border for Alma and Alex. When they follow Mother, out for hunting, Alma and Alex start a series of events which will make them discover the truth about the Shadows and their own reality.

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    Chiara Nicoletti
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    Saskia Reeves, Mia Thrippleton
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