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Senad Šahmanović – Sirin #23rdSFF

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The winner of the Pack & Pitch of Sarajevo Film Festival.

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8 min. and 30 sec.

PODCAST | Aslı Ildır interviews Senad Šahmanović, future director of Sirin, presented at Pack & Pitch of 11th Talents Sarajevo.

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Montenegrin director Senad Šahmanović, the future director of Sirin, and also the winner of the Pack & Pitch of Sarajevo Film Festival told us about his story and his inspirations behind the project. Sirin, which is a name based on a Eastern European legend, tells the story of a Parisienne lawyer who goes back to her hometown in Montenegro for an inheritance case. Sahmanovic’s story is about being in limbo and its consequences, which was inspired by his producer’s personal experience.

Interview by Aslı Ildır, one of the members of Talents Press at the 11th Talents Sarajevo.

  • Reporter
    Aslı Ildır
  • Guest
    Senad Šahmanović
  • Interviewee role
  • Film title
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    Talents Sarajevo
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