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Shahrbanoo Sadat – Wolf and sheep #SFF

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18 min. and 34 sec.

This debut feature is an extraordinarily daring and rare view of Afghan rural life and mythology

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18 min. and 34 sec.

PODCAST | Cristiana Palmieri interviews Shahrbanoo Sadatdirector and screenwriter of the film Wolf and sheep.

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Shahrbanoo Sadat talks about how her life as an Afghan refugee in Iran and subsequently her relocation to the remote village in Central Afghanistan has inspired this autobiographical recount of rural life intertwined with mithology and mistery.

Wolf and sheep is set in rural Afghanistan, where simple village life is enlivened with stories of mystery and imagination. Our view into this timeless community is through its children, who mimic the adults in their gossiping and lewd language. Boys and girls don’t mix but, defying the rules, outsiders Qodrat and Sediqa develop a beautiful friendship. Using a cast of non-actors, Sadat has created a unique view of Afghanistan replete with all the mundanities and difficulties of life, but also with myth and magic: tales are told of a wolf who walks on two legs, discarding its skin to emerge as a beautiful green fairy.

For the official page of the film on the festival website, click here.

  • Reporter
    Cristiana Palmieri
  • Guest
    Shahrbanoo Sadat
  • Interviewee role
    Director and screenwriter
  • Film title
    Wolf and sheep
  • Festival section
    Official Competition
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