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Shogen, Matsuura Ryo – December, your lovely smile #FarEastFilmFestival

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5 min. and 46 sec.

Scripted by Lim, a Malaysian-born director long based in Osaka, Your Lovely Smile has the feel of a Watanabe film by proxy, with his distinctive brand of self-mocking humor.

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5 min. and 46 sec.

PODCAST | Laura Della Corte interviews Shogen and Matsuura Ryo, actor and actress of December, your lovely smile.

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In the interview with Shogen (Your Lovely Smile) and Matsuura Ryo, actor and actress of December, we talked about their roles in the movies at the Far East Film Festival 25 and how the learned to play their character in such a sublime way.

December, your lovely smile: Watanabe Hirobumi is the most eccentric Japanese director of the moment. Having said that, let’s ask ourselves what would happen if Watanabe plays Watanabe in a cinematic short circuit… Lim Kah Wai has dared to create a mockumentary that sees ours in the role of an indie director touring the cinemas of Japan to propose his film. Behind the bewildered and rarefied comedy, an act of love for independent cinema.


  • Reporter
    Laura Della Corte
  • Guest
    Shogen and Matsuura Ryo
  • Interviewee role
    Actor, actress
  • Film title
    December, your lovely smile
  • Festival section
    Italian Premiere
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