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Stefania Ippoliti – Toscana Film Commission #focuslondon

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A new initiative of the Toscana Film Commission, the Manifatture Digitali Cinema, explained by the first promoter and player Stefania Ippoliti.

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PODCAST| Angelo Acerbi interviews Stefania Ippoliti, from the Toscana Film Commission. 

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The Manifatture Digitali Cinema (Digital Cinema factory, more or less…) are a new invention of the Toscana Film Commission to implement the offer of services to the productions and also to create new and additional value to the expertise that the artisans and workers in the region can provide in different creative working areas. But let’s hear it directly from the director of Toscana Film Commission, Stefania Ippoliti.

This interview was recorded during the 2019 Focus London, in partnership with the Italian Film Commissions Association and with the support of the Italian Trade Agency. To discover more about the Toscana Film Commission, click here.


  • Reporter
    Angelo Acerbi
  • Guest
    Stefania Ippoliti
  • Interviewee role
    Toscana Film Commission
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