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Tamara Drakulic – Vetar #TFF34

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7 min. and 21 sec.

We’ve all been there: the first crush that feels like real love, but you are too young to know it. Sweet and tender film.

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7 min. and 21 sec.

PODCAST | Angelo Acerbi interviews Tamara Drakulic, director of the film Vetar.

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Tamara Drakulic is a lively and nice girl, with wonderful pink hair, who made a second feature as a pure director ( the screenplay is not hers), and she is really proud of that. She made herself do the direcor job, she did not even changed a world in the dialogues. the result is a delicate film about coming of agein a summer in Montenegro. Love is magic and the d.o.p. gives this back with mesmerising photography in all the love scenes, that are always in a forest like in a modern fairy tale.

Velar. Sixteen-year-old Mina is spending the summer with her father Andrej on the Bojana river, in Montenegro. Lazy and apathetic, Mina displays great disinterest in her surroundings, while her father, a confirmed smoker, might be getting more serious about his girlfriend. To her great annoyance, Mina falls in love with a kite surfer, Saša, who is older than her and engaged to Sonja. A love triangle with no evident consequences but which will leave a deep mark on the adolescent’s universe.

  • Reporter
    Angelo Acerbi
  • Guest
    Tamara Drakulic
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    Torino 34
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