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Todd Haynes – Pardo D’Onore Manor #Locarno70

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From Wonderstruck to the Velvet Underground: Todd Haynes is unstoppable

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PODCAST | Chiara Nicoletti interviews Todd Haynes, director of Pardo D’Onore Manor.

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His latest film Wonderstruck was the opening film of the 70th Festival de Cannes official competition and now Todd Haynes is not only at the 70th edition of Locarno Festival to receive the Pardo d’Onore Manor but he’s already working on two projects, one of those is a documentary on the band The Velvet Underground. Starting from Carol, Haynes began considering scripts and stories that he had not personally written and that has opened up a wider range of possibilities for him. The director of Far From Heaven describes his creative process, how he perceives and then works on the thin line between fiction and reality and his reaction to not being nominated for Best Director with Carol. When it comes to talk about Julianne Moore, he has only admiration and love for this great actress he already worked 4 times with, including the last film Wonderstruck.

The Locarno Festival offers tribute with the Pardo d’onore Manor to American director, screenwriter and producer Todd Haynes. At the 1991 Locarno Festival there were 19 movies contending for the top award of the Pardo d’oro – and one of them was Todd Haynes’ debut feature Poison. Made after a series of eye-catching shorts, the film, based on the novels of Jean Genet, set the keynotes of the director’s style. Filmmaking is not a propaganda tool for Haynes, but it can be instrumental in discovering, understanding and telling stories about reality. Frequently preoccupied with 1950s America and its violent morality, in subsequent years Haynes has directed Julianne Moore in Safe (1995), Far from Heaven (nominated for 4 Academy Awards in 2002) and Wonderstruck (2017), and Cate Blanchett in the episodic Bob Dylan biopic I’m Not There (2007) and Carol (nominated for 6 Academy Awards in 2015).

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    Chiara Nicoletti
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    Todd Haynes
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    Pardo D'Onore Manor
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