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Tom Geens – Couple in a Hole #CFF60

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You think you know what it is, and then it’s something else.

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Tom Geens – director – Couple in a Hole

FRED’s Matt Micucci interviews Tom Geens, director of the film COUPLE IN A HOLE, which premiered earlier this year at the Toronto International Film Festival and screened in competition at the 60th Cork Film Festival.

Tom Geens talks about the strange nature of the story of COUPLE IN A HOLE, a concept he developed out of an image he envisioned. But also, the way in which in this film he openly plays with an audience’s perception of the nature of the film itself, and the way in which each of its scenes will develop, as well as its resolution.

He also discusses the role that nature itself played in the film – particularly as the whole film essentially takes place outdoors – and how he collaborated with the actors’ performances in order for them to achieve the right performance, that had serious physical and psychological requirements.

COUPLE IN A HOLE: Could it be the end of the world, another post-apocalyptic drama? The ingredients are certainly in place: a dishevelled middle-aged couple reduced to living like animals, inhabiting a hole in some forest. And it feels like they’re the last people left on earth, until an aeroplane is observed flying overhead. So, they’re not entirely alone. Each tiny revelation in Geens’ assured sophomore feature serves to raise more questions, taking us further into the heart of couple’s private mystery and further unravelling the delicate web that holds them together.

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    Matt Micucci
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    Tom Geens
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    Couple in a Hole
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