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A nice talk with the legendary Tony Palmer about his massive filmography and the importance and influence of music history in his films.

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19 min. and 8 sec.

PODCAST| Angelo Acerbi interviews director Tony Palmer at the 4th SEEYOUSOUND International Music Film Festival 2018.

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Tony Palmer talks with Angelo Acerbi about his career, from the first film All My Lovin, when he believed of being a good film editor, to the stories he chose to tell, to the love for musicals (La La Land in particular…which made me love him even more!), even knowing he would never be able to direct one…

SEEYOUSOUND International Music Film Festival 2018, the first festival in Italy dedicated to international cinema with a musical theme, returns with the fourth edition, which will be held in Turin from 26 January to 4 February 2018, at the Cinema Massimo of the National Cinema Museum. There are 62 films scheduled in the 10 days of the festival, divided into 4 competitive sections, 2 out-of-competition reviews and 1 retrospective, accompanied by panels, meetings and events. With 1 international preview and 1 European preview and 27 Italian premieres, the festival increasingly aims to establish itself internationally, in the light of a path that has lasted four years and which, with passion and constancy, has led to the construction of a dense network of reports on the territory.

  • Reporter
    Angelo Acerbi
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    Tony Palmer
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