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Tuija Halttunen – How to Kill a Cloud #SydFilmFest

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26 min. and 54 sec.

A Finnish scientist takes on a multimillion-dollar project to make rain in the desert, but soon becomes caught in an ethical dilemma between research, finance and the environment.

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26 min. and 54 sec.

PODCAST| Cristiana Palmieri interviews Tuija Halttunen, director and screenwriter of the film How to Kill a Cloud.

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Tuija Halttunen talks about the making of How to kill a cloud, exploring how she deals with the complex issue of science versus ethics, without forcing the audience to take a side. She also explores challenges and opportunities presented by the fascinating process of making the film while immersed in a cultural context that she had never explored before.

How to Kill a Cloud : Hannele Korhonen, a brilliant Finnish scientist, takes on a multimillion-dollar three-year project funded by the United Arab Emirates, to make rain in the desert. Korhonen sees it as an opportunity to further her research into clouds and their behaviour, and to bring about the seemingly impossible. But creating artificial rain may have unforeseen and unwelcome impacts. It soon becomes clear that her sponsors have their own agenda. Caught in a fiendish dilemma between research, finance, politics and ecosystems, Korhonen’s integrity is at risk. A fascinating and highly topical documentary.

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  • Reporter
    Cristiana Palmieri
  • Guest
    Tuija Halttunen
  • Interviewee role
    Director and screenwriter
  • Film title
    How to Kill a Cloud
  • Festival section
    Europe! Voices of women in film
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