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The renaissance of Italian production.

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PODCAST | Matteo Ghidoni interviews Valentina Martelli, CEO of Good Girls Production and video journalist.

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Valentina Martelli shares her experience on the occasion of ITALIAN STORIES DAY, this year taking place in Los Angeles on 25th June 2019.

Valentina Martelli has been invited to ITALIAN STORIES DAY to introduce her new project called ITTV Festival created by Good Girls Production (Valentina Martelli, Cristina Scognamillo and Francesca Scorcucchi) and Marco Testa LA, the Armando Testa company that promotes operations related to the work of entertainment in Hollywood. The Festival will be officially launched in September. It will collect all the possible elements that Italy can offer, with the scope to propose it to the American producers, but also to bring them in Italy and use Italian structures. “International TV is the future and we are working on it”.

Italy can offer to America so many theatres and natural sets and Tv have a strong hunger for new contents. Valentina Martelli thinks that in this new scenario, with big international all tv channels like Hulu, Netflix and Amazon, Italy could offer a lot to the US and to the other countries interested in producing new movies and tv series.

This interview was recorded during the 1st edition of ITALIAN STORIES DAY – Los Angeles, in partnership with the Italian Film Commissions Association and with the support of the Italian Trade Agency.

  • Reporter
    Matteo Ghidoni
  • Guest
    Valentina Martelli
  • Interviewee role
    CEO of Good Girls Production and video journalist
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