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15 min. and 27 sec.

Valeria Solarino talks about her career and her roles in the three films she presents at the Italian Film Festival.

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15 min. and 27 sec.

PODCAST| Marco Berti interviews actress Valeria Solarino at the Italian Film Festival in Sydney.

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Valeria Solarino compares her experience performing in cinema and in theatre, and explains how these two worlds are different but at the same time they intertwine with each other. She talks about how she never picks “easy” roles, instead she always chooses to play characters that enable her to explore social and psychological themes. She also reflects on her experience working with different directors, ranging from new emerging talents (Sibilia), to established Hollywood stars (Muccino).


  • Reporter
    Marco Berti
  • Guest
    Valeria Solarino
  • Interviewee role
  • Film title
    As Needed / There’s No Place Like Home / I Can Quit Whenever I Want 3: Ad honorem
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