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Volkan Üce – All-In #CPHDOX21

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15 min. and 32 sec.

Two young men come of age working in a Turkish all-inclusive hotel.

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15 min. and 32 sec.

PODCAST | Matt Micucci interviews Volkan Üce, director of the film All-In.

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A conversation with Volkan Üce, whose film All-In in the NEXT:WAVE section of CPH:DOX. The film follows the lives of two young men during the course of one summer, as they work in a Turkish all-inclusive hotel. In this interview, Üce talks about how he met the two protagonist of the documentary and his interest in pursuing this project, that is observational in nature. Among other things discussed in this chat is master’s degree in Political and Social Sciences influences his filmmaking.

All-in : Two young men have applied for jobs at an all-inclusive hotel to learn English and move on in life. 17-year-old Ismail settles down in the kitchen, while the slightly older Hakan would rather stay in his room and read Schopenhauer and dream of Hollywood than tend to his brain-dead job. We join them for an entire summer as they try to feel at home in the absurd microcosm of bikinis and slides, hot dishes and lethargic tourists. ‘Take a picture of yourself before you start work,’ says the hotel’s manager, ‘When the summer is over, you will be a different person’. These are valid words, but in a different way than the head of the discount luxury holiday residence imagines in Volkan Üce’s amusing coming-of-age story about modern alienation in the workplace. An existentialist comedy with palm trees, where Western ideas of happiness and freedom are hung out to dry under the scorching sun.

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    Matt Micucci
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    Volkan Üce
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