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William Baldwin – Filming Italy Award #FISF19

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From Too Old to die young by Nicolas Winding Refn to Italian Cinema: William Baldwin discusses cinema, TV and what it means to be an activist.

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12 min. and 45 sec.

PODCAST | Chiara Nicoletti interviews actor William Baldwin.

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At the 2nd edition of the Filming Italy Sardegna Festival he received the Filming Italy Award and now William Baldwin, brother of Stephen and Alec, is on Amazon Video with the miniseries directed by Nicolas Winding Refn Too Old to Die Young, North of Hollywood, West of Hell. As the Festival often awards the talents that are also activist, Baldwin talks about the responsabilities that being a public persona, famous people carry with them, whether they want to accept this being a role model or not. Since everybody knows that working with Nicolas Winding Refn is totally a different and odd experience, Baldwin describes the state of mind he had to embrace in order to get deeper into Nick Refn’s creative and delirious world. Baldwin is, for a small percentage, italian so he can’t avoid to declare his favourite among the contemporary italian directors, who in Baldwin’s case, is Valeria Golino.

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    Chiara Nicoletti
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    William Baldwin
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