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Winston Duke – Black Panther #FILA2020

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6 min. and 22 sec.

Winston Duke, the star of Black Panther and Avengers, talks about the importance of Italian cinema in his career.

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6 min. and 22 sec.

PODCAST | Matteo Ghidoni interviews Winston Duke, actor of the film Black Panther.

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Winston Duke has always loved Italy and Italian movies: “Think that Italian movies have always been incredibly important. When I learned film history, learning about Italian cinema was very important. I think that the creators of Black Panther or the Avengers, they learned cinema from Italian people and Italian culture”.

Duke speaks also about his support for women: “In 2020 the fight for women right is a fight where everybody should be involved. As a guy who is part of the initiative He for She of the UN, I understand the power of the male voice to be an ally to women”.

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  • Reporter
    Matteo Ghidoni
  • Guest
    Winston Duke
  • Interviewee role
  • Film title
    Black Panther
  • Festival section
    Filming Italy Awards
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