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Yves Hinant – So Help Me God #istfilmfest

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Real people. Real cases. Judge Anne Gruwez.

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PODCAST| Matt Micucci interviews Yves Hinant, director of the film So Help Me God.

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Director Yves Hinant talks about So Help Me God, which he co-directed with Jean Libon, and was screened at the 2018 Istanbul Film Festival. The film follows Judge Anne Gruwez, who is described in the festival program as a woman with a “common touch and uncompromising stance.” Hinant talks about making the film and whether he keeps his distance from his protagonists while filming them. He emphasizes the aim of shooting reality through a good story and the need to find good characters, as well as why he thinks documentaries most documentaries are boring and he hates doing interviews.

So Help Me God : Judge Anne Gruwez of Brussels is an outspoken woman full of surprises. With her unusual approach to defendants and cases, she surprises people while gaining their admiration with her common touch and uncompromising stance. Directed by Yves Hinant and Jean Libon, the creators of cult docu-show Strip-Tease, which has been on the air in France and Belgium for 20 years, this documentary paints a tragicomical portrait of the Belgium judicial system as it observes Judge Gruwez on the bench. Using an unfiltered language and bordering fiction with its potent black humor, the politically incorrect So Help Me God premiered at San Sebastian Film Festival.

  • Reporter
    Matt Micucci
  • Guest
    Yves Hinant
  • Interviewee role
  • Film title
    So Help Me God
  • Festival section
    No More Flowers
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