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Pablo Romero Fresco – University of Roehampton #FredAtSchool

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Film literacy presenting film as a language to be understood with future ambitions of developing ways in which it might teach future generations to speak it.

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Pablo Romero Fresco – Senior Lecturer in Audiovisual Translation – University of Roehampton

This is an extract from the first FRED at School conference, which took place on the 2nd of July 2015 in the Regent Street Cinema, London, UK.

This extract features Pablo Romero Fresco, senior lecturer in audiovisual translation at the University of Roehampton, one of the partners of the FRED at School project. Pablo Romero Fresco takes us through some of the logistics of the film literacy and film education side of the project, in which Roehampton University was involved.

This was done mainly through the creation of film literacy clips, intended to present film as a language, a language to be understood both in the visual and in the acoustic sense. He also reveals future ambitions of not only presenting it as a language to be understood, but also for students to be able to learn how to speak it.

He talks about the various challenges the creation of such clips for secondary school students posed, especially as clips to be adapted for a radio format, and discusses the various ways in which teachers opted to use them throughout the project.

  • Guest
    Pablo Romero Fresco
  • Interviewee role
    senior lecturer in audiovisual translation
  • Film title
    University of Roehampton
  • Festival section
    FRED at School Conference
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