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Watanabe Hirobumi, Watanabe Yuji – Techno Brothers #FarEastFilmFestival

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5 min. and 58 sec.

For the eighth film, the musical comedy Techno Brothers, Watanabe finally leaves Otawara venturing on a wider road – or rather the highway to Tokyo, where the title group, formed by Watanabe, his brother Watanabe Yuji and his friend Kurosaki Takanori, goes in search of fame and success.

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5 min. and 58 sec.

PODCAST | Laura Della Corte interviews Watanabe Hirobumi and Watanabe Yuji, director and composer  of the film Techno Brothers.

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In the interview with Watanabe Hirobumi and Watanabe Yuji, director and composer of Techno Brothers, we talked about the concept of Watashishosetsu, the japanese novels of the self and the reference to John Landis’1980 musical comedy, The Blues Brothers.

Techno Brothers: However, there are elements that Watanabe fans know well, from the flat and anonymous landscape of Tochigi to the arrogant and mysterious boss Riko, played by Hisatsugu Riko, the girl who starred in several Watanabe films and is a bit his muse in miniature. Sitting in a folding chair in the middle of a field and speaking through a burly assistant (Watanabe), she tells Himuro that the group’s techno sound “isn’t fit for the modern age,” but to try her luck in Tokyo. When Himuro asks her to finance the trip, Riko replies, “Aren’t you musicians? Earn money yourself!”

  • Reporter
    Laura Della Corte
  • Guest
    Watanabe Hirobumi and Watanabe Yuji
  • Interviewee role
    Director, composer
  • Film title
    Techno Brothers
  • Festival section
    European Premiere
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