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Elsa María Jakobsdóttir – Atelier #KVIFF2017

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A need for solitude and silence, interrupted

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PODCAST | Matt Micucci interviews Elsa María Jakobsdóttir, director of the film Atelier.

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Fred Film Radio is media partner of the European Film Promotion (EFP) Future Frames, which presents ten outstanding young directors with their latest work at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. Director Elsa María Jakobsdóttir, from Iceland, was among those selected this year, and she presented her short film Atelier at the 52nd Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. In this interview, Jakobsdóttir talks about the desires of being in solitude and silence, her minimalistic touch, the importance of architecture in shaping the style and look of Atelier, how being Icelandic and studying in Denmark impacted her screenwriting, her experience as part of this year’s Future Frames, and more.

Atelier: like a modern utopia, an unusually beautiful structure surrounded by the wilds of nature serves as the location for an encounter between two women. One seeks peace and relaxation, the other is creating an acoustic installation that intrudes upon the motionless calm. Frustration over this unplanned-for cohabitation grows and the differences between dream and reality begin to blur.

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  • Reporter
    Matt Micucci
  • Guest
    Elsa María Jakobsdóttir
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  • Film title
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    Future Frames
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