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John C. Reilly – The Sisters Brothers #66SSIFF

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7 min. and 40 sec.

The two Sisters brothers, played by Joaquin Phoenix and John C. Reilly, are chasing a man to kill him. Their encounter with a mysterious man will change it all.

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7 min. and 40 sec.

PODCAST| David Martos interviews John C. Reilly, actor of the film The Sisters Brothers.

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The chat with John C. Reilly adresses how he produced the film from the beginning and a depiction of Joaquin Phoenix as an actor. We also discuss what kind of director he likes on the set.

The Sisters Brothers: The darkly comic, Western-inspired story takes place in Oregon and California in 1851. The narrator, Eli Sisters, and his brother Charlie Sisters are assassins that are sent to kill Hermann Kermit Warm, an ingenious and likable man, who is accused of stealing from the Sisters’ fearsome boss, the Commodore.

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  • Reporter
    David Martos
  • Guest
    John C. Reilly
  • Interviewee role
  • Film title
    The Sisters Brothers
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