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Pascal Greggory, Paul Hamy – 9 Fingers #Locarno70

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3 min. and 49 sec.

The perpetual journey of a group of cinematic gangsters on a literary cargo

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3 min. and 49 sec.

PODCAST | Bénédicte Prot interviews Pascal Greggory and Paul Hamy, director of the film 9 Fingers.

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Two actors from the fantastically noir ensemble cast of this B&W movie – which breathlessly moves from Melville (Jean-Pierre) to Melville (Hermann) and takes us to a ghost vessel floating in time, on his way to Nowhereland, with a loot of polonium and Zeitgeist-infused words, feverishly inhabited by the many film and literature references that have always nourrished the radical work of poet, filmmaker, and punk rock musician Ossang – describe their characters and quote their favourite lines in this ‘spoken’, beautifully shot piece of art, accompanied by powerfully visceral sound work and music in 9 Fingers.

9 Fingers opens like in a film noir: at night, in a train station, a man called Magloire runs from a police control. With no luggage and no future. No sooner has he found a huge amount of money than trouble begins. A gang on his heels will soon make him a hostage then an accomplice. It is Kurtz’s gang. After an aborted break-in, they all have to flee aboard a cargo ship with a dangerous volatile freight. Nothing happens as it was supposed to be – poison and madness contaminate everybody. Kurtz’s men seem to be the pawns of a conspiracy led by the mysterious 9 Fingers
Cast: Paul Hamy, Damien Bonnard, Pascal Greggory, Gaspard Ulliel, Lisa Hartmann, Lionel Tua, Elvire, Alexis Manenti, Diogo Dória

For the official page of the film on the festival website, click here.


  • Reporter
    Bénédicte Prot
  • Guest
    Pascal Greggory, Paul Hamy
  • Interviewee role
  • Film title
    9 Fingers
  • Festival section
    International Competition
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