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Paz Fábrega – Viaje #KVIFF2015

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A boy and a girl on a journey to a volcano. Relationships and love in the modern age.

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10 min. and 37 sec.

Paz Fábrega – filmmaker – Viaje

FRED’s Matt Micucci interviews Paz Fábrega, director of the film VIAJE, which had its European premiere at the 50th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

Paz talks with us about the journey that was the making of this film, which was made with portable equipment and shot intuitively and impulsively with plenty of room for improvisation and a very lengthy post production process.

She also talks about her own interest in experimenting with different forms of filmmaking and her lenience towards telling stories that somehow fit in with particular events that take place in her life at the time.

VIAJE: San Jose, Costa Rica, the present. Pedro (30) and Luciana (29) meet at a party. Although there’s no fatal attraction, there’s a hint that something is happening between them. What follows is an impulsive decision to travel together to the base of the Rincon de la vieja volcano in the northwest of the country. Forget about past traumas, this unassuming romance focuses on the importance and singularity of the here and now.

  • Reporter
    Matt Micucci
  • Guest
    Paz Fábrega
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    Forum of Independents Competition
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