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Terence Davies, Jennifer Ehle talk about “A Quiet Passion” #Berlinale2016

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Terence Davies’ comedic and caustic version of Emily Dickinson’s life

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10 min. and 45 sec.

PODCAST: FRED’s Chiara Nicoletti interviews director Terence Davies and actress Jennifer Ehle on the film A Quiet Passion from the 66th Berlinale.

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Only a few months after meeting him at the Torino Film Festival, where he presented his film Sunset Song, FRED catches up with director Terence Davies to talk about his latest film, A Quiet Pasison, presented as a Special Gala of the 66th Berlin International Film Festival. With him, one of his leading actresses, Jennifer Ehle, who plays the role of Emily Dickinson‘s sister Vinnie in the film. Davies reveals how it was reading after all the letters Dickinson wrote throughout her life that he decided to create his own version of her life story. All the dialogues, some characters and the strong and ironic relationship she had with her sister are Davies’ own invention.

Click here to listen to our interview with actress Cynthia Nixon, who plays the role of Emily Dickinson in the film A Quiet Passion – FRED English channel

A QUIET PASSION is the life story of the celebrated American Poet Emily Dickinson, from her youth as a headstrong schoolgirl to her reclusive adulthood where poetry was solace.


  • Reporter
    Chiara Nicoletti
  • Guest
    Terence Davies / Jennifer Ehle
  • Interviewee role
    director / actress
  • Film title
    A Quiet Passion
  • Festival section
    Berlinale Special Gala
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